What does a home inspector do for a Home Inspection?

Our inspector will follow a long checklist of over 1500 items, but this is an overview of what to expect during a home inspection:

  • Grounds: We look for water issues like standing puddles, sinking concrete, and faulty grading or downspouts or other issues that are either causing or could  in the future result in water related issues. The grounds inspection also includes evaluating pathways, retaining walls, sheds, and railings.

  • Structure: Our inspector will check for a solid and straight foundation, squared and operational windows and doors and frames.  When considering an older home this is an important part of the inspection.

  • Roof: We inspect the roof shingles, flashing, fascia, gutters, chimneys, skylights, dormers, and other roof penetrations.  Mainly the concerns here are water penetration, ice damming, wind uplift and storm damage.

  • Exterior: Mister Home Inspector will look at wood, masonry, stucco,  vinyl, and paint for signs of deterioration or for otherwise improper or unsafe conditions.   We look for adequate clearing      between siding and the ground to prevent deterioration of the siding and/or water being able to penetrate and cause damage inside.

  • Window, doors, trim: Windows and doors must be operational, safe and protect from the weather.  We will operate doors and windows, inspect for squareness, that they are solid , secure and have glass that do not have broken glass.

  • Interior rooms: Our Inspector will look for leaning or bubbled walls, looking for signs of present or past water leaks, adequate heat and a/c supply and returns to sleeping rooms in particular.

  • Kitchen: We will check attached appliances, look for GFCI protection as required, check sink for proper drainage with no leaks, and will check the water supply. and will check to see that cabinet doors and drawers operate properly.

  • Bathrooms: The Inspector will flush toilets, check draining, water presuure, and will look for andy potential safety issues.

  • Plumbing:We will inspect visible pipes, drains, water heaters and identify if gas/electric, and water pressure and temperature.

  • Electrical: Mister Home Inspector inspects visible wiring and electrical panels, light switches and outlets.